Rachel Ji


Kia Ora!


Growing up, I remember feeling lost and confused with no clue about what I wanted to do in the future. Looking back on this, I believe that it was because I didn't want to fit the linear mould of society and lead a mediocre life. Then at 10-years-old, I bought my very own iPod Touch which ignited my fascination for technology and general thirst for how things work. 

Coming from a humble background, I couldn't rely on my parents to introduce me to people so I realised that it was upon me to forge my own path to success which is why I've been focusing on creating deep meaningful connections with inspiring people and become heavily involved in New Zealand's startup ecosystem.

At 18-years-old I moved across the world to San Francisco with nothing but a vision—chasing a crazy dream. To some, it's the "wrong way" or even going“backwards”. But to me, I'm someone who is captivated by the prospect of engaging myself in a dynamic world of continual innovation and endless curiosity.

I want to leave a legacy as someone who is an innovator, entrepreneur, philanthropist and dedicate my life to better mankind in some way. I want to create a world where passion is contagious, and young people have the power and courage to achieve their wildest dreams, so I've decided to write a book interviewing some of the world's most successful and interesting people. 

In August 2018, I'm off to Duke University on a full ride!

Notable Achievements -

  • Grew and sold social media accounts on Tumblr and Instagram (had 100k followers at one point)
  • Founded an international e-commerce clothing brand that grew to 30k+ followers across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tumblr; and went from $0 to $20k+ total revenue over 20 months at 16-years-old. The brand's vision was to empower youth by spreading positivity and it was fortunately featured on Huffington Post, NZHerald, Success.com to name a few
  • Selected alongside 5 other students out of 3,500+ for a fully funded Silicon Valley business tour with Young Enterprise
  • Co-Hosted a Youth Entrepreneurship Conference to inspire 100 young Kiwis by bringing together 9 top business leaders across the country to speak and raising corporate sponsorship then went on to curate a community of Gen Z entrepreneurs across NZ and Australia
  • Speaker at national events such as The NZ Entrepreneur's Festival, NZ Social Media Forum, Microsoft Panel and HP Education Evolve
  • Awarded a Youth Enterprise Award by the Ministry for Youth, Central Auckland "EY Entrepreneur of the Year", been named as 1 of “50 Students You Need to Know” by Mogul Worldwide and was a Young Leader finalist for the Women of Influence awards (1 of 8 most influential women in NZ under the age of 25!)
  •  Written articles for stuff.co.nz and Thrive Global on topics such as Youth Entrepreneurship and Gen Z marketing
  • Featured in a national TV commercial that helps youth become future ready

Let me know if you want to follow my journey of an 18-year-old trying to make sense of the world. I'm sending monthly email updates or what I've been up to and future plans. Feel free to reach out! ✌️